Guided Vacations in the Aloha Spirit:
Exploring Hawaii with Joel & Michelle Levey

We've been in the Hawaiian Islands for over 30 years and have been blessed to host and guide a wide variety of profoundly inspiring gatherings at numerous sacred and natural settings throughout the islands - especially the Big Island and Maui. These special gatherings in the Aloha Spirit have served both our local Island community as well as guests and groups from communities and organizations around the globe.
Each gathering offers a unique weaving of Island adventures, cultural experiences, teachings, and venues that will nourish, revitalize, and inspire our guests in the most life-affirming ways. Common themes for these gatherings include: living in balance, self-family-&-team renewal, meditation, integral medicine, change resilience, eco-tourism and lessons on sustainable living from Island cultures and the wonders of the natural world, etc.
In preparation for each Hawaii gathering we work closely with our guests to design their Island experience in ways that honor the unique interests, budget, and time frames of their team, family, or group.
If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of having us design and guide your next team meeting, family gathering, wedding, or group visit to Hawaii please contact us.