Hawaii Weddings

"From every human being
there arises a light that reaches straight to heaven.
And when two souls destined to be together
find each other,
their streams of light flow together
and a single, brighter light
goes forth from their united being."
The Baal Shem Tov
The Island of Hawaii offers a wonderland of beautiful, natural, and nurturing setting for a Hawaiian wedding that you will remember and cherish for a lifetime. Your hosts, the Leveys, are certified to officiate weddings in the State of Hawaii, and have performed dozens of ceremonies in the Aloha Spirit. We can work with you to design just the right wedding ceremony, setting, ceremony, and honeymoon spot for you--one that will offer inspiration to celebrate your union and set sail in the direction of your highest dreams. Let the celebration of your love begin and continue in Aloha~land knowing you can return for anniversaries in the years to come!
"Thank you for so generously sharing your precious place of spirit and land with us. We came here for our honeymoon and so appreciate this nurturing space with its vibrant colors, croaking frogs, singing birds, misting rain, and stunning sunsets. What a sacred space in which to anchor our journey as life-partners." Duane Elgin and Coleen Le Drew-Elgin
"The secret of my song though near,
none can see and none can hear,
Oh for a friend to know the sign,
And mingle all their soul with mine!"
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Deepening As A Couple: The Gift of Renewal, Relaxation, Re-Creation
The Island of Hawaii offers a nurturing, embracing, intimate, and private place for couples to deepen in their love, mutual discovery, and appreciation. We invite you to slow down to the speed of life together to listen more deeply live in harmony, wholeness and balance, explore and remember what has heart and true meaning in your life. The Sanctuary's beauty, peace, and quiet invite the deeper reflection, deeper conversations and connections so essential in our lives and relationships. Snuggle in the hammocks, bathe in the spa garden, sleep under the stars, meditate by the Bodhi tree, walk the paths around the farm, hike, swim, cuddle, play, renew your vows, listen. and deepen in love together. Couples' retreats at The Kohala Sanctuary are custom designed to provide the right blend of privacy and support to delight each couple we host. Explore the possibilities!
"Truly you are two hearts that love each other beating at the same pace. Thank you for creating a sanctuary for hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits." Fred Donaldson