The Sanctuary Hawaii Adventure

Hike to sacred sites & heiaus, hidden waterfalls, black sand beaches, ancient Hawaiian villages, vast volcanic calderas, rainforest valleys, and snow capped sacred mountains. Visit Mauna Kea observatories, the historic Place of Refuge, ancient temple sites, and bird sanctuaries. Watch rivers of lava flow into the ocean, snorkle, kayak, ride horseback through spectacular vistas amidst rolling hills and ancient cinder cones trails and forests, sail the dramatic Kohala coast, and perhaps even swim with dolphins, whales, and sea turtles in the wild; a myriad of wonder-full adventures await you on the Big Island. Complement your "outer adventures" with a rich blend of meditative "inner adventures" guided by your hosts, Joel & Michelle Levey.

"Thank you so much more for your welcoming arms, warm hearts, for your love and the supporting nature you both give with such ease and Aloha spirit. This is truly a magical land with Joel and Michelle being the wonderful stewards. A double rainbow...dragons of the wind changing direction on the grass...a very magic place so alive with goodness. May the blessings continue to flow." R+JC
"You have created your own wonderful Xanadu that you so generously share with other beings. Thank you for your Big Love in this Beautiful uni-verse. Much love and aloha!"
Hallie Inglehart Austen
"I ended my day with a wonderful bath and being taken into the stars. I find great comfort here. This is truly Pele’s island, young, full of life, and visions. I’m completely humbled after sitting at her feet (at the volcano). Her breath is inside us all. Thank you In-spirited life continues to touch all those you come into contact with. Remember…Mercy Mercy Mercy." MaryAlyce Nyquist
"I am so grateful to experience the passion of the wind and the earth and the sea here with the sun above and the moon so full. Thank you for this gift to be carried with me always." Carol V.